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Losing More Than You Should?

Some say that clothes make the person. I question from time to time, how do stolen clothes make the man? Yes you may have some very nice clothing, but how do you bring yourself to walk around everyday know that the clothes you are wearing arenít actually yours? The discussion of clothing security helps to deter clothing items from being stolen. The use of cheap labels and cheap tags help to keep the initial costs down when procuring some retail anti theft devices. It has been proven by many retailers that the simple addition of security tags or labels greatly reduces shrink. Shrink is the term commonly associated with loss of merchandise by a retailer. It does not generally include straight cash losses. When retailers suffer shrink losses, a large impact is taken on the bottom line profit. Even if there is a portion of the budget set aside for things such as shrink, the large amount of money lost can destroy even the best sales production. Having accessibility to cheap tags and cheap labels offsets the loss in shrink thereby allowing you more profit from your clothing sales. You work hard for each of those dollars earned, you should be able to reap the benefits.

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